HONcode membership application

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You wish to support the HONcode initiative to improve the quality of medical and health information available on the WWW. Whether you are a healthcare Web site developer or an information provider, remember that by formally applying for membership in the growing community of HONcode subscribers and displaying the HONcode active seal and logo, you commit yourself to respect the conditions for request of certification, to observe the HONcode principles and to make the appropriate changes when required and to conform to HON’s decisions.

The webmasters are not allowed to display the HONcode seal before the website has been certified.

The request for the certification is free of charge and will be valid for the period of one year. Renewal and extension of the HONcode certificate involves a membership fee dependent on the type and popularity of the website.

It is assumed that the Principles of the HONcode and its implications have been read and understood. You are hereby advised that your application may be rejected and that HON is not obligated to state the reasons for the rejection.

Before fill in the questionnaire please read the process step by step. Note that once you have started the application procedure (by clicking on «I accept and request the HONcode certification») you should finish it even if there is some non-conformity with the HONcode principles. So, if after filling out the questionnaire, you know that you have some modifications to make, make them within the week following your submission, and before the HONcode team start to review your website.